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Blueberry Café

Specialty Café


In 2017 Owner Rashena Burroughs opened the very first vegan cafe in the City of Newark and the First Alkaline Cafe in the world (Still uncontested).  The purpose of these cafe's is to inspire healthy eating and living in the Urban Communities, providing  healthy food, drinks, desserts, clean water, herbs and fitness to combat diabetes , mental health, autism , and many other ills that plagues our communities. 


*The US Senator Cory Booker said Blueberry Cafe was one of his favorite places to eat ,in several magazine and tv appearances.. 

*We have been featured in several magazines, podcasts, radio shows and we have the upcoming story in the 2024 Spring edition of Edible Magazine to name a few. Many famous celebrities frequent the cafe and when Erykah Badu is in town we cater for her.

We use 100% Organic Ingredients, ancient grains , fruit oils, and serve up lots of dishes, fun foods and desserts such as: 

An Array of different Salads.

BBQ Mushrooms over Kamut Pasta Salad.

Spelt Porridge.

Chickpea Lasagna Rolls, Chickpea Spaghetti.

Zucchini Pancakes.

Burro Banana French fries.

Mushroom Gyro, Burgers, Sliders.

Walnut, Fennel, Black Bean Tacos.

Mushroom Cheese steaks on Gluten Free rolls.

Hot bowls.

Quinoa Bowls and patties


Brazil Nut Mac & Cheese

Crispy fried Oyster and Lions Mane Mushrooms




Coconut based Ice cream, Cheese cakes, cake, cookies, milkshakes, fried vegan oreos and more. 


We do personal fitness training in Aqua Phit Water Bar & Gym as well as serve clean filtered spring water and alkaline water.


We host Poetry nights, paint & sips, chess matches, vegan wine tasting, wellness workshops, motivational speaking and more. 


We give 100 free smoothies once a quarterly to the community, coat drives w/Soup, free fitness assessments.

Blueberry Café

547 Central Avenue, Newark, NJ 07107


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