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Tonnie's Minis

Specialty Café

Tonnie Rozier, the Founder and CEO of Tonnie’s Minis, has been serving up his famous desserts since establishing his storefront in the West Village in 2006. From celebrities to locals, Tonnie’s Minis has become the top destination for cupcakes in the NYC area. Tonnie's passion for baking started at a young age, and he learned from his grandmother and mother. After college, he sold cookies to friends and co-workers, eventually starting his baking business at home in Jersey City.

Tonnie's carrot cake recipe, originally created by his mother, became his signature dessert. His wholesale business began growing, and Tonnie decided to pursue baking full time. He resigned from his job and expanded his business just in time for the holiday season. Tonnie's carrot cake gained popularity among media and entertainment crowds, and he started creating more cupcake flavors. Tonnie's Minis Cupcake and Coffee Bar opened in the West Village in 2006 and quickly became a hit. Tonnie's unique recipes, crafted with his celebrity clientele in mind, have made his cupcakes stand out. With a flagship location in Greenwich Village and a new location in Harlem, Tonnie’s Minis is poised to become a household name.

Have You Tried This Newark Bakery? Kamala Harris Has

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Tonnie's Minis

228 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102


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